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Nick Clegg 'sorry' spoof video goes viral as it's released on iTunes

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It may be difficult for some people to say sorry, but apparently it is a lot easier to sing it.A spoof video of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's apology to voters after breaking his tuition fee pledge is to be released on iTunes.Satirical website thepoke turned the tuition fee apology into a humorous song parody, which went viral and acrrued millions of hits worldwide.


On the back of their huge success, the site has obtained permission from Mr Clegg to release the video as an iTunes single.However, the agreement was made that the proceeds of the song are to be donated to the Children's Hospital Charity in Sheffield, where his wife Miriam is a patron.Liberal Democrat Pensions Minister Steve Webb believes that the concession "took guts".He said: "He knew this was going to be on YouTube," he said. "He knew it was going to be out there but he thought it was the right thing to do and I agree with him."

Even outside of his own party, Nick's brave decision has gained admirers.

Liam Burns, from the National Union of Students, said Mr Clegg was a "good sport" for allowing the video to be released, even though it offered "no solace" to those paying £9,000 a year for university tuition.

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