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Exclusive: Carly Cole introduces her 'gorgeous' new baby Harry

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Showing off the striking new addition to the family, Carly Cole looks blissfully happy as she poses for an exclusive HELLO! interview and photoshoot. The wife of Liverpool and England footballer Joe Cole gave birth to baby Harrison – known as Harry – last month. And the former personal trainer tells HELLO! that, now she is a mum to Harry and big sister Ruby, two-and-a-half, she has never been happier. "I love being a mum," she says. "Sometimes I wake up and I still can't quite believe it, that I have these two beautiful children."

Carly Cole baby

 And she says both she and Joe immediately fell in love with their new baby. "Joe said when he was born, he took one look at him and thought 'You're going to be able to take care of yourself just fine'. He's so strong as soon as he came out he was trying to lift his little head. I think he's going to be inquisitive, like his big sister and if he's got even half her energy, I'm going to be on the go all the time!" However, Carly admits to HELLO! that a string of sleepless nights with Ruby contributed to a tense atmosphere in the Cole household – and that she had to seek extra help in the form of a sleep expert.

HELLO! Magazine

"With Ruby, I was so desperate to be the perfect mum, I ended up getting so stressed and slipping into bad habits and that wasn't good for any of us," she admits. "I didn't want to admit I was struggling because I thought that would mean I'd failed. But Ruby being up all night was having such a bad effect on me and on mine and Joe's relationship – we were snapping at one another and it was making me so miserable." To read more of the interview with Carly, including her organic plans for bringing up the children, how Ruby has bonded with her new little brother and how the couple found their perfect family home, pick up the latest issue of HELLO!.

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