Old Romantic Gary Barlow lets fan propose live on stage

Gary Barlow may be the man of many women's dreams, but not for Caroline Davy who got engaged during his concert last week. This was no private proposal, however, the young lady was shocked and surprised to her boyfriend Paul Cody take to the stage alongside superstar Gary.

Paul, who had been allowed to interrupt the gig by the singer himself, then proceeded to ask Caroline to join him in front of Hammersmith Apollo's 5,000 strong audience. And after a hug from the Take That star, that would normally be enough to make any fan's night, Caroline watched Paul get down on one knee.


Onlookers then erupted into cheers as Caroline, who works for the Alzheimer's Society, accepted her boyfriend's proposal, marking a night she will certainly never forget. As the couple left the stage to gather their thoughts in the wings Gary serenaded them with a fitting rendition of his hit A Million Love Songs.

An awestruck Caroline later told The Sun newspaper "meeting Gary and being proposed to is a lot to take in – I can still barely believe it."


"The audience were amazing. We had lots of people asking Paul how he did it" she said, adding "he's always been the thoughtful type but pulling this off takes it to a while new level."

"I've seen Gary a few times but I'll leave at that now. You just can't top what happened. Sorry, Gary, but after last night, Paul rules my world!"

Forty-one-year-old Gary was clearly in a romantic mood and especially given that January marks his 13th wedding anniversary to wife Dawn. The couple, who married in 2000, have three children: Daniel, Emily and Daisy.



Those who witnessed the magic moment took to their Twitter accounts to tell of the night's proceedings. One fan messaged Cheshire-born Gary with the comment "Wow! Amazing night at the Hammersmith Apollo. A lovely proposal!"

 Now, after Paul's highly impressive gesture, the couple's wedding has a lot to live up to.