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Kelly Clarkson: 'I refuse to be bullied' by Clive Davis

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Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson has written a damning open letter to music legend Clive Davis, accusing him of "spreading false information" about her in his new memoir, The Soundtrack of my Life. Kelly, whose career was guided by Clive after she won American Idol, wrote, "I refuse to be bullied and I just have to clear up his memory lapses and misinformation. It feels like a violation.""Growing up is awesome because you learn you don't have to cower to anyone - even Clive Davis."

Kelly Clarkson


One of the excerpts Kelly takes issue with is the 80-year-old record executive's recollection of Kelly breaking down into "hysterical sobbing" when he insisted she include her hit single Since U Been Gone on her second album Breakaway."Not true at all," says the 30-year-old star in a lengthy statement posted on Whosay. "His stories and songs are mixed up.I couldn't be more proud of that song. I resent him dampening that song in any way. "The Texas-born singer goes on to say she did cry in that meeting, but for a wholly different reason. "I cried after I played him a song I had written about my life called Because of You," she said. "He hated it and told me verbatim that I was a s****y writer who should be grateful for the gifts that he bestows on me. "He continued on about how the song didn't rhyme and how I should just shut up and sing. This was devastating coming from a man who I, as a young girl, considered a musical hero and was so honored to work with. "But I continued to fight for the song and the label relented. And it became a worldwide hit. He didn't include that in the book."

Kelly Clarkson

Clive - the man who famously discovered Whitney Houston - recalls a different version of events surrounding that track. "In subsequent interviews Kelly said that she had to fight to get Because of You on that album, but the simply wasn't the case," he wrote. "I have no idea where she heard that. "It's not the first time the pair have clashed. In 2007, Kelly famously fell out with Clive over her 'controversial', self-penned third album, My December, and its supposed lack of commercial appeal. According to the record producer, he simply didn't believe the material contained a number one hit, citing a meeting he held with Kelly in which he told her My December was a "pop album that still needs pop hits. "In response, Kelly says the album went platinum and that Never Again, the "ONLY" single released by the record company was a top ten hit. "Hardly a huge failure".She also slams Clive for leaving out of his memoir how he "belittled" her and "completely sabotaged the entire project".Despite the differences in their recollections, Kelly managed to wrap up her thoughts on a positive note. "Anyway, I love my job," said the songstress, who is now signed to RCA Records and won her third grammy this month for her fifth studio album Stronger. "I love my music. I love my fans. I love my label and all of my professional relationships…now. And I am grateful for Clive for teaching me to know the difference. "Following Kelly's lengthy statement, Clive has issued his own response in which he emphatically asserts he considers her a "tremendous vocal talent and performer"."In the book, I provide an in-depth look at our years together during which we shared major multi-platinum success, as well as a few creative differences," says the New Yorker, who also made headlines when he revealed his bisexuality in the book. "I am truly very sorry that she has decided to take issue with what I know to be an accurate depiction of our time together," he adds, stating that before publication he had every fact checked with "five individuals present on a daily basis throughout".

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