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Ryan Lochte talks partying with Prince Harry, women and bad hair days

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Ryan Lochte is an 11-time Olympic medal winner and was one of the pin-ups of London 2012, but, he tells HELLO! Online, he still hasn't got it right when it comes to love. In his new show What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, his sister Kristen says that Ryan is "naïve" when it comes to women. "I think maybe I'm just a little too optimistic,” he tells HELLO! Online – see the full interview below. The New York-born swimming champion, who trains in Gainesville, Florida, says that his new TV show should set the record straight about the real Ryan Lochte.

The 28-year-old has become famous for his personal life — his mother revealed that he only has time for one-night stands — and for his unusual answers in interviews. After he was interviewed by two Philadelphia Fox 29 news anchors in April, they fell about in fits of laughter. Ryan speaks about misconceptions, partying with Prince Harry and how he stays focused…Your new series "sets the record straight" about the real Ryan Lochte. What's the biggest misconception about you? "I think people often like to look for flaws. And only what they see is what they take as the truth. I may be on my 18th on-camera interview at 3:30 in the morning, with a faulty earpiece where I can't even hear the anchors on the other end, on two hours of sleep because I had to get up to train, and make ONE mistake, and that's what ends up going viral, that's what people pay attention to. I think the new show is great because I can be me, and not feel like I'm getting interviewed just so someone can catch me saying something wrong." You met Prince Harry in Las Vegas - what was he like? "He was really cool—awesome, really down to earth." You are known for being gorgeous, do you ever have a "bad hair day" when you don't feel that you look great? "Of course I have bad hair days, I'm human." In the trailer for the series, your sister says "Ryan is a little naive when it comes to women". Would you say that is correct? "Well Kristen is always going to think that, she's the hard one to get by. But you know, I don't know if I would call it being naïve. I think maybe I'm just a little too optimistic? I hope for the best in every situation and want to see the good in people."

You recently said on Twitter "I'm finally starting to see some life again in my swimming" Weren't you happy with before? "I think with anything in life, you have to keep the passion alive. That takes work. It wasn't that I wasn't happy with it, but every now and then you need a little change up." Can you explain the reason behind your tattoos? "I have the Olympic rings as well as a 'gator with Greek writing under it that says 'first'. The 'gator is a reference to Florida." How has this show fitted in around your training schedule - and how do you make sure you're not too distracted by other things? "The producers are respectful of my training schedule. Swimming is my job, it is my priority and it will always come first. It did become a juggling act once production really got going, but I think I've figured it out." What Would Ryan Lochte Do? premieres from Monday 20th May at 10pm on E!

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