Amanda Bynes' mother is granted temporary conservatorship of the troubled star

Amanda Bynes' mother has been granted temporary conservatorship of her troubled daughter. Lynn Organ now has control of the actress' finances and other aspects of her personal life after being given responsibility for Amanda on Friday.

Ventura County judge Glen Reiser ruled that a mental health court is in charge Amanda's medical treatment but should she be released from the psychiatric hospital, Lynn will be responsible for deciding what medical help her daughter receives.

The ruling comes two weeks after Amanda was ordered to spend two more weeks at a psychiatric unit in Los Angeles when a judge demanded the extension of her care order.




The former child star was originally detained under the 5150 order which allows authorities to hold patients for 72 hours while they undergo mental evaluation.

Amanda's lawyers reportedly resisted the extension but her doctors said they need two more weeks with the star to ensure a correct diagnosis of her mental health.

The Disney actress' parents, Lynn Organ and Rick Bynes, backed the doctor's decision after an incident near their home on 22 July prompted Amanda's detention.

The She's The Man actress was accused of being drunk, trespassing and starting a fire in the grounds of a retirement community in Thousand Oaks, California. Police were called and Amanda was subsequently taken to hospital.

Sadly, the Hollywood actress has become known for her erratic behavior of late. She has taken to Twitter to criticize family members as well as celebrities including Rihanna and Drake. She has also refused to see her family.

"You can sense there's pain and loss of control in her personal life when talking to her," said a friend.

She has also been accused of cutting off communication with former friends. "She deleted all of her email addresses and cell phone numbers so none of her friends can get in touch with her," revealed former 'N Sync singer Lance Bass.

"Her family and friends can’t get to her… so the only way into her life is through Twitter."