Busted and McFly team up to form supergroup McBusted

Busted and McFly have announced that they will be teaming up to form supergroup McBusted.

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The two pop bands, who first toured together almost a decade ago, confirmed the news at Monday's press launch and set the record straight on one Busted member's absence — Charlie Simpson.

After Busted broke up in 2005, Charlie went on to pursue his solo career and has confirmed on Twitter that he will not be joining the supergroup on tour.

"Just wanted to say that though I am not joining @mattjwillis and @JamesBourne on their new venture, I wish them all the very best with it!" wrote Charlie, addressing his former band mates James Bourne and Matt Willis.



The pair are still in touch with Charlie, and insist that the trio are all "good friends".

"I was really sad about it," said James, recalling Busted's split. "We didn't think we'd ever come back. We never thought we'd play any of this music ever again because Charlie was definitely very set on doing his own thing, and he's still very happy doing that.

"We've hung out with him. We went round to his house for the first time about a year and a half ago, and it was very comfortable and easy. He's not ready to do this yet — we don't know if he will be — but we're good friends.

"I think some people like to make out that we don't get along because it's good drama. I spoke to Charlie yesterday on the phone though and he's doing his thing. He's got his album that he's working on and we are good friends."


The rest of McBusted — McFly's Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Danny Jones — are clearly getting excited about their collaboration.

James had checked in to his hotel three days before the press launch, while Tom joked that the news of McBusted's tour was overshadowing the excitement of his wife's first pregnancy.

"It's like the most excited we've been in ten years," said Tom, whose wife Giovanna is due to give birth just before the supergroup hit the road. "We're just excited for touring now.

"My excitement is like, 'I'm having a baby,' and I'm excited about that. But I'm also going on tour with Busted, woo hoo. If my wife asks, I'm equally excited."


Tom was briefly the fourth member of Busted in 2001. Just two days later, the band made the decision to be a trio and fired Tom. The soon-to-be father then went on to found McFly.

"I was nearly in Busted, which I am now," said Tom. "It's taken me ten years, like the longest audition process ever."

The six boys sparked rumours that they would be forming a supergroup after their joint performance at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday. McFly invited Matt and James to share the stage, as part of their celebration to mark the band's ten-year anniversary.

"There's a genuine relationship between us," said Tom, speaking about the supergroup's intertwined history. "There were always blurred lines between McFly and Busted. We find each other funny, we get on really well and we don't really ever argue."

McBusted will be performing all their hit classics during their UK tour in April and May of next year. So far, the supergroup have only organised the tour, but may start writing new songs together once they hit the road.

McBusted's next joint performance will be on Friday when the band make their debut TV performance on Children in Need.