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Jennifer Aniston calls fiancé Justin her 'sounding board'

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Jennifer Aniston has spoken about how her fiancé Justin Theroux is a "sounding-board" and her favourite advice giver. "He’s always a good barometer, a nice sounding-board and so smart," the Hollywood actress said. 

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux© Photo: Getty Images

When asked about collaborating with Justin again, Jennifer confirmed that he is working on a new script, saying "He’s actually written a script that’s pretty hysterical and brilliant that we’re hoping to do in the next couple of years", before adding, "It’s a fun heist movie. "Jennifer found fame in 1994 on the hit television show Friends, and has since starred in various films including Marley and Me and We’re The Millers.Speaking to Popsugar, Jennifer also discussed her love of yoga, a simple beauty routine and her future as a filmmaker. "Why complicate things?" Jennifer said when asked about her daily skin routine, "Wash, moisturise, and now sunscreen", she added.On the power of yoga, Jennifer revealed that there isn’t one thing she could say to recommend the practise to others. 

Jennifer Aniston© Photo: Getty Images
Jennifer Aniston

"I can just tell you… it’s like a kick-start to your day, it centres you and your stress levels are down, you find yourself interacting in the world much easier and better, and in a calmer way. "There’s a peaceful joy and I don’t know how or why but I just know if I go through a phase where I slip off, I feel the differenceS. You can’t do it wrong", she disclosed.The actress also revealed that she was "almost" set to direct a new project but scheduling difference meant it fell through. "I have to find that window, it would [take] a good chunk of a year. There are a couple stories [I’m interested in]."The 45-year-old recently talked about the rumours that surround her and Justin’s relationship, saying: "They try to create all sorts of narratives to go with a very normal, wonderful life, that's just two people loving each other and living life and working and doing the best they can." 

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