Myleene Klass vows to protect her daughters after mother and sister are attacked in London

Myleene Klass says she has been left feeling terrified for her children's safety after her mother and sister were attacked in January.

Speaking during an appearance on Thursday's episode of Loose Women, Myleene said the incident left her feeling furious and more determined than ever to protect her young daughters, Ava, six, and Hero, three.

"I am very, very angry about it because he chose a very good target. My mum is only five foot two," said Myleene. "I try and keep my wits about me and I am also always with my two girls.

Myleene and her mother Magdalena

"I make sure we have this bubble around us," she added. "But it's always the unexpected that's hard to prepare for."

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Myleene's comments come just days after police released CCTV images of then man who attacked her 67-year-old mother Magdalena and 33-year-old sister Jessie.

While out together in north London Magdalena and Jessie were dragged along the floor as they attempted to resist being robbed of their handbags.

"The male assaulted her [Jessie]," said a police spokesperson of the incident, which took place around 9:30pm. "He dragged her to the ground, pulling her along the pavement and continued to assault her.

"A 67-year-old woman tried to hold on to the victim and was also dragged along during the violent struggle," he added, referring to Magdalena.

Myleene with her daughter Ava in 2011

Myleene has said that she hopes witnesses will come forward following the release of the CCTV images.

"I am horrified by what happened to my mum and sister, as anyone would be if this were a member of their own family," she said. "I urge any person that knows anything or can help in any way to please come forward.

"You almost build a prison within yourself," she added. "Your mum looks after you for so long but you now have to look after your mum and make sure she's ok.

"I rang her up, ‘Are you alright?’ and she cries very easily. She came round with a torch for me and some spray for me. She's just on edge."