Brad Pitt gets emergency restraining order against Ukrainian prankster

The Ukrainian prankster alleged to have struck Brad Pitt in the face at a film premiere this week has been handed a restraining order to keep him away from the actor.

Brad, 50, sought an emergency five day protective order against Vitalii Sediuk after he leapt over the barriers at the Maleficent premiere and hit him, LAPD spokeswoman Officer Wendy Reyes confirmed.

Brad Pitt has taken out a restraining order on Vitalii Sediuk after he lept ove the barriers at the Maleficent premiere and hit him

The 25-year-old was quickly wrestled to the floor by bodyguards before being led away in handcuffs.

Vitalii, a TV personality in the Ukraine, was arrested and held on $20,000 (£12,000) bail.

Earlier this month at the Cannes film festival the prankster crawled under actress America Ferrera's skirt

He has a history of red carpet stunts. Most recently he made headlines when he crawled under the skirt of Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera at the Cannes Film Festival.

In January at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, he was seen on his knees hugging Bradley Cooper's crotch – the same move he pulled on Leonardo DiCaprio at the Santa Barbara Film Festival the following month.

Vitalii Sediuk has become infamous for running on to the red carpet, getting on his knees and hugging stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper

Last year, he was arrested after running on to the stage to accept Adele's Grammy before the singer had reached the stairs.

In 2012, he was slapped in the face by Will Smith after he tried to kiss him on the lips at the Men In Black 3 Moscow premiere.

Brad’s restraining order could be extended to a month if the star petitions a civil judge, LA Police Sgt Albert Gonzalez told the Associated Press.