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Siva Kaneswaran tells HELLO! about life after The Wanted

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Siva Kaneswaran was a member of the British/Irish pop band The Wanted for five years, with the band releasing three albums, gaining success in the notoriously hard to crack America, and landing their own reality show The Wanted Life.

But early in 2014, in a statement on their website, the band – Max George, Siva, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker – said their forthcoming Word of Mouth tour would be "their last for a while".In a frank interview with HELLO! Online, Siva discussed life in The Wanted at the end, his upcoming wedding plans, and working with Tom Ford.

 His solo material will be different to The Wanted 

Siva told HELLO! that his new material will be different to The Wanted. "I want to go crazy", he said, before adding that Pharrell Williams would be the ideal collaboration. When we asked about his decision to make music in the US, Siva revealed that in the States, fame comes much quicker. "In the UK, it takes longer to establish yourself, but the fans are then loyal", he said, before adding how it took The Wanted three songs to feel like they had a fan base in the UK; "In the US, it happened with one."

A 2015 wedding?

When asked how Siva's upcoming wedding plans are going, he told HELLO!: "It's going to be 2015. Maybe this year. No, 2015!" He laughed and continued: "that's such a man answer! No, I want to be involved, and hands on." Siva and fiancée Nareesha McCaffery are planning on holding the wedding in the US because they've spent so much time there, but Siva admitted to HELLO! that with such a rich cultural heritage between the two of them there will be lots to plan and decide upon. The 25-year-old singer had been dating Nareesha for the six years when she tried to throw him a surprise birthday bash - but he turned it into an engagement party. Siva exclusively told HELLO! magazine earlier in the year: "It was like a military operation to plan the proposal. I couldn't even tell the other boys in the band in case they blew the surprise."

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 Being a member of The Wanted was at times stressful

Siva opened up on life in The Wanted, and admitted that when the boys contract was coming up for renewal they knew it was time to sit down and discuss what to do. "It didn't feel natural to continue", Siva said. Although the five boys are still close, "brothers", Siva calls them, he reveals that at one stage it was incredibly stressful.

Siva is open to career options

"I'm a very creative person, I don't restrict myself", said Siva when asked if music would be the only passion he pursues in America, before adding: "If someone offers me a show, I'm not going to turn it down." When he was younger, Siva spent a few years modelling and he revealed that although he thinks that may be in the past, he wouldn't turn down being the face of fashion brand Tom Ford. "Tom Ford is a strong and credible brand", Siva said when asked why that particular brand.

 Fashion designer Siva Kaneswaran?

"I'd love to open my own line in menswear", Siva revealed, before adding that his soon-to-be wife and shoe designer Nareesha would be a great help. "She's so creative and passionate", he said of his fiancée, before revealing that with assistance from Nareesha he may branch out in to womenswear.