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Peaches Geldof spoke of fears she’d ‘end up like her mother’ in last interview

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Peaches Geldof's last interview has revealed the late star's thoughts on motherhood, growing up with fame, and her mother.The young star tragically passed away at the age of 25 in April. It was later determined that she died from a heroin overdose - echoing the death of her mother which she had spoken about only weeks prior. "It’s like I’m someone in a book. Your life, they keep telling you, is pre-ordained: 'I’m going to die like my mother, she’s going to end up like her mother.' Peaches admitted to Spectator magazine, before adding: "And people expect you to spew these intimacies to them. Like you are in a church confessional."

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Peaches' mother Paula Yates died from a heroin overdose in 2000.

The TV star was found at her home in Notting Hill having taken an accidental overdose while she was alone with her daughter Tiger-Lily, then aged four.

Speaking of growing up surrounded by fame, Peaches said: "I grew up in the worst kind of whirlwind where every mistake I made was not only watched by my parents but the whole of the public. It was scary. "From day one it was super intense. I was hyperaware of it. But as a kid, of course, I wasn’t mentally capable of understanding it. And the paparazzi freaked me out," she continued.

"Parents would always be starstruck by my parents and want their kids to be friends with me so they could come over and meet my father, a sort of knight in shining armour. "Peaches was found dead at the home she shared with husband Thomas Cohen and their two young sons on 7 April, in what was described by as a "non-suspicious" and "sudden unexplained" death. Her 11-month-old baby Phaedra was with her at the time.Police found no evidence of drug paraphernalia in the house, leading to speculation that it may have been removed before their arrival.

Her husband Thomas Cohen, 23, raised the alarm when he was unable to get hold of his wife. He had spent the previous evening away from home with the couple's eldest child Astala, 23 months. Peaches also spoke to the magazine of the change in public opinion she faced when she gave birth to her first son.

"Suddenly I was this earth mother. It was an overnight transformation", she said.

"It was so profoundly hateful. Then, out of nowhere, it was 'Dang. We can’t hate you anymore. Here she is in her golden hair, etc.' Now, for the first time ever, there was gushing adulation."