Peter Andre tricked by magician Ben Hanlin: watch the jaw-dropping video

Peter Andre was one of the latest victims to be fooled by magician Ben Hanlin.

The Mysterious Girl singer was told he was doing PR for a small cake shop, supposedly owned by Ben, when he becomes involved in a jaw-dropping prank.


In a video released by ITV, Peter is seen walking into the shop and admiring a wedding cake made for a bride whose ceremony will take place the following day.


Peter Andre thinks he is doing PR for a cake shop, run by undercover magician Ben Hanlin

The bride and her mother, both actors, come in to check up on the "beautiful" four-tiered creation. They then leave the shop to pick up the wedding dress, leaving Peter and Ben to do some promotional shots.

"Shall we do a close-up?" says magician Ben, to which Peter laughs and says, "We don't have to go close-up, I'm 41."

"Shall I go back a bit?" asks Ben. As he takes a step backwards he knocks over the precious cake, leaving Peter to cover his eyes in shock. When the bride and mother return, Peter is tasked with having to cover up the mess.


Magician Ben Hanlin accidentally knocks over the cake

While Ben pretends that nothing is wrong with the boxed up cake, reassuring the bride that everything is fine, kind-hearted Peter tries to take the blame.

"I knocked it off the table," the singer says, to which Ben protests and insists only a rose decoration is out of place.

A distressed bride and mother leave and go for coffee at Peter's suggestion, and while out, Ben tries to convince the TV star that he can make another one.


A tricked Peter Andre covers his face in shock after the cake falls

"You're going to have to be honest with them," says Peter. "That one looks nothing like her cake. You can't do that."

"That could be her cake," insists Ben, holding up a cardboard photo of the replacement. "I mean just look at it. That is her cake I reckon. I think it kind of works. I think that is her cake."

The magician then throws down the cardboard to reveal the original cake, leaving Peter tricked, stunned and shaking his head in disbelief.


Magician Ben Hanlin unveils the original cake

"What was that?" says Peter, before admitting that he recognised Ben's face from somewhere.

"My name is Ben Hanlin. I'm a magician and you've just been tricked," says the presenter.

The full episode will air on Ben's show Tricked on Tuesday night.