James Jordan thanks staff after spending Christmas Day in hospital

James Jordan was hospitalised on Christmas Day. The former Strictly Come Dancing professional, whose dancer wife Ola Jordan is currently using crutches after injuring her leg, ended up in a Kent hospital after complaining of significant pain.

"So nice to be back home and sleep in my own bed again," tweeted James on Saturday. "Thanks to all at Pembury Hospital for looking after me and to all you tweeps."

"I have to go back in on Tuesday for an Endoscopy (camera down into stomach while awake)," he added. "I'm scared!!!!!"

Poland-born Ola, 32, spoke of her distress and she and James faced spending the festive day in hospital.

"Spending our Xmas Day in Hospital," she tweeted. "Wish someone could take @The_JamesJordan's pain away. And all he keeps saying is 'Im sorry'".

James, 36, had been tweeting about feeling unwell in the run-up to Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, two days after going to hospital to see a doctor, James said he was still having trouble with his gallbladder.

"Little @The_OlaJordan is in London doing rehab for before her op and I'm at home in pain still with my gallbladder," he posted on Twitter. "We're a right pair.

"Both laid up for Christmas will be fun," he added. "Lucky we have great family to look after us both."

James and his wife Ola Jordan

By Christmas Day itself, James's condition appeared to have worsened.

"Woke up with pain already this morning," he tweeted on 25 December. "I need a good night sleep!!! Anyway, man up James! Merry Christmas."

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