Frank Lampard says he is 'very ready' to marry Christine Bleakley

It has been four years since Frank Lampard proposed to television presenter Christine Bleakley and he is finally ready to tie the knot. The footballer, who popped the question in 2011, said he is "very ready" to marry his fiancée.

"We are going to do a small and pretty intimate wedding, not a surprise thing," Frank told The Sun. "We like our privacy."

The former Chelsea player moved to New York earlier this year as part of an 18-month contract with New York City FC, but he has insisted the long distance won't affect his relationship with Christine.

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Frank Lampard said he is ready to marry Christine Bleakley

"We don't like being apart for too long, so we'll make it work," Frank explained. "She'll be backwards and forwards probably more than me but we're a couple who like to be together."

Frank also said he was looking forward to having visits from his daughters Luna and Isla during the school holidays.

The 37-year-old doesn't hold back talking about how his life has changed since meeting the television presenter, previously describing Christine as his "best friend".

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Frank is currently living in New York

"People say opposites attract," he told Red magazine. "But when you live together, you need to be harmonious, and she's my best friend."

He added: "She's made me content. That sounds soppy but I've been very happy since I've been with her. Our personalities are very similar.

"I've got a lot of respect for what she says. She's sharp, I bounce my problems off her, and I'd like to think I help her with her stuff, too."

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The couple went to a spinning class together on Monday

Christine has also spoken about her happy relationship but previously revealed to HELLO! Online that she wasn't planning on moving to New York full-time with her fiancé.

"We're not moving as such. Obviously Frank's heading over there but our house is in London so we'll be to-ing and fro-ing. It's exciting!" she confided.

The couple have stayed true to their word, with Frank showing Christine around New York and his new training ground during her visit to the city this week.