Carol Vorderman back together with ex-boyfriend Graham Duff

Carol Vorderman is flying high again after reuniting with former beau pilot Graham Duff. The couple previously dated for two years after meeting through her fundraising work for the RAF. In September 2014, the glamorous maths whizz decided that the relationship had naturally run its course, but she has clearly now had a change of heart.

Asked about her love life in an interview with the Daily Mirror, the 54-year-old TV presenter admitted: "I’m dating again, and he is not ­necessarily a new man...

"Yes, it’s Duffy. It’s quite a recent thing but we’re very happy. There’s nothing not to love about Duffy."

Carol Vorderman says of the dashing pilot: 'There's nothing not to love about Duffy'

She could be forgiven for being besotted. Graham, 40, was a fighter jet pilot who did tours of duty in Iraq. The debonair military man then joined the Red Arrows before quitting recently to launch a mobile phone app.

During their time together, he helped the mother-of-two train for her project for 2016 – flying solo 29 thousand miles around the world. Talking about her love of flying, Carol told HELLO! that it is "very spiritual," and "a great way unburdening of stuff".

"When you're up there you're not thinking about things like, 'Oh so-and-so's had a row with so-and-so.' Who cares? You realise how tiny you are in the great scheme of things. Just be happy, enjoy your life."

Carol Vorderman and Graham Duff previously dated for two years

Graham and Carol have spent many hours in the cockpit together and she says he is her ideal travel companion. "We travel well together".

It is not yet known if the dashing pilot has moved back in with Carol. She shares her Bristol home with her 87-year-old mother Jean and son Cameron. Until recently her daughter Katie also lived with them, but she is now doing a PhD in physics and chemistry at Imperial College, London.

Cameron, 18, and Katie, 23, are from Carol's 10-year marriage to Paddy King which ended in 2000.