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Louis Walsh reveals heartache over mum’s Alzheimer’s

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Louis Walsh has revealed that his mum Maureen has Alzheimer's disease, and is sadly no longer able to recognise him. But the former X Factor judge takes comfort in the fact that his 84-year-old mother is otherwise in good health, despite her deteriorating memory. "My mum has got Alzheimer's now. She doesn't know me," he told Woman magazine. "But she's fine, healthy and happy, and she doesn't know any better."

louis walsh © Photo: Getty Images

Louis Walsh has revealed his mum Maureen has Alzheimer's disease

Louis was born in August 1952 to Maureen and her late husband Frank Walsh and has always had a close relationship with his mum. During the interview, Louis also spoke about his childhood in County Mayo. "I am the second oldest of nine kids and grew up in a good Catholic family. We didn't have a lot of money, but we didn't know any better and we were happy."My parents let me go into the music industry eventually, but they sent me to school and college first. But I was no good and I hated it."I didn't fit in, I was too crazy and giddy. I think they thought I'd get a normal job but then they knew I was slightly different."

Louis – who first found success as a music manager with Boyzone in the 1990s – has previously revealed that his mum had hoped that as the eldest son he would join the clergy. "That was the tradition then," the 63-year-old said. "She wanted me to go off on the missions to the Far East and all that stuff. "Would I have been a good priest? No. I was more interested in pop. "Back in 2010, Maureen herself spoke about Louis' love of music. "Louis never learned how to play a musical instrument, but he loved listening to music and reading about it. "As a child, he was at every music function in the area, even though he was too young to be going to them. There was just no stopping him when it came to music."