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Video: Justin Bieber and James Corden duet to Uptown Funk on carpool karaoke reunion

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Ainhoa Barcelona
Ainhoa BarcelonaContent Managing Editor
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It's the morning after the Grammys and James Corden is driving to work. The chat show host decides to call on his partner in crime Justin Bieber to accompany him on the ride, making this the third time Justin has featured on the Carpool Karaoke segment of The Late, Late Show.

The pair's bromance is clear from the start as James and Justin sing along to Uptown Funk and finish each other's sentences – but not before James has a go at Justin for copying his outfit.

"It's not that big of a deal dude," says the 21-year-old.

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James Corden asks Justin Bieber to apply moisturiser on his face

"It's not that big of a deal? It's not that big of a deal, did you just say? Well it is because we already look stupid. I said I'm wearing white, don't wear the same as me and what do you do?" says an outraged James.

"I thought it would be kind of cool," replies Justin.

"Oh did you? You thought it would be kind of cool if we looked like a pair of waiters, on a cruise ship? I haven't even had time to moisturise," laments James.

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The chat show host laments his dismal Grammys goodie bag compared to Justin's

The Sorry singer then has the task of applying moisturiser on James' face, as the comedian says: "It's going to be pandemonium when I get out the car, and I just want to look my best. Thank you, you know the spots, just on the T zone, that's right, thank you."

Talk soon turns to the Grammys, with James congratulating the Canadian pop star on his double performance of Where Are U Now and Love Yourself. Justin also received his first Grammy – the Best Dance Recording accolade – for Where Are U Now.

Justin Bieber & James Corden's Post-Grammys Drive

"We look like a pair of waiters on a cruise ship," said James

Thanking James and high-fiving him, Justin says: "You know I appreciate you, I appreciate your heart, you're such a kind individual, you love people."

The pair then compared goodie bags – but James' dismal give-away left him in a strop.

Comparing his chapstick, candle and map of LA to Justin's Rolex, headphones, diamond bracelet, mini iPad and private plane trip to Maldives, James says: "That's actually put me in a bit of a mood. What does Justin Bieber need? Some more diamonds and an iPad!"

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