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'It just shows that I have had a healthy baby': Rebecca Adlington opens up about post-baby body

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Rebecca Adlington has shared why she loves her post-baby figure, revealing that she cares more about being a "hands-on" mum to her daughter, Summer.

Speaking to the Mirror, Rebecca said: "I still have my kangaroo pouch on my tummy. I don't know if I'll ever lose it but to be honest I don't mind and I'm not precious. I think it just shows that I have had a healthy baby."


rebecca© Photo: Getty Images

Rebecca opened up about why she loves her post-baby body

The mum, who gave birth to her first child last June, continued to reveal how important health is to her, saying: "I definitely haven't got my body back since pregnancy. But I just want to be a fit, healthy and active hands-on mum who takes my daughter swimming."

The Olympic gold medallist has previously spoken about how she wants little Summer to have a healthy lifestyle, telling HELLO! online in an exclusive interview: "I want her to be healthy and happy and I want her to grow up seeing a healthy and happy lifestyle in her mum. I want her to be encouraged by that."

rebecca 1© Photo: Getty Images

Rebecca gave birth to her first child last year

The 27-year-old also revealed how her priorities have changed since she became a mother, saying: "Now I'm a mum, it's different – your health priorities change a little bit. It's important I stay illness-free as much as possible and obviously it's looking after a little one and things like that.

"Now, I'm exactly the same as everyone else, but it's just a bit of motivation and leading a healthy lifestyle and trying to get my butt in the gym a couple of times a week to stay healthy. I only work out three times a week but it just makes me feel a lot better. I know I'm staying healthy, and being active."

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