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Peter Andre opens up about pregnant wife Emily MacDonagh and daughter Amelia

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Peter Andre has opened up about his appreciation for his wife Emily MacDonagh, who is pregnant with the couple's second child. The singer said that he understands, now more than ever, how difficult a mum's job can be.

During an appearance on Loose Women, Peter said of his wife Emily, a junior doctor: "She's doing a lot of hours at the moment. Even though she decided to take part-time, some of the weeks have been 50, 60-hour weeks which is a lot because obviously she's now pregnant.

"She loves her job. I have to say that I have really seen, more than ever now, how hard a mum's job is."

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Peter Andre admitted: "To me it felt like we were married very early on"

The couple have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, but Peter admitted that married life doesn't feel that different to before.

"Things do change but they don't really," the Mysterious Girl singer said. "It just depends how you feel about the person. To me it felt like we were married very early on."

peter andre amelia

"I have really seen more than ever now how hard a mum's job is," said Peter

Peter, 43, and Emily, 26, who are parents to two-year-old daughter Amelia, are expecting their second baby. And when it comes to deciding how many children the couple will have, Peter said that it's always ultimately the woman's decision.

"I think the reason why a woman has the ultimate say is because she doesn't only carry that child for the first nine months, but for the first couple of years of that child's life it's always mum, mum, mum, mum, mum," he said.

"Dads do come into their own but with breastfeeding, with all the things, and now seeing it first hand with my wife when she's five months pregnant – she's holding – she can't even hold Amelia because Amelia's very tall, it becomes a struggle. So there's a lot that the mum has to endure that we don't."