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Olympic star Laura Trott defends sister after she is labelled jealous

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Olympic star Laura Trott opened up on Good Morning Britain to reject claims that her sister Emma is jealous of her success in the Games, and about her "surreal" new celebrity status.  

Following her sister's interview with Good Morning Britain earlier this week, in which Emma was accused of coming across as 'jealous,' Laura spoke out to support her.

"She's been my idol growing up for as long as I can remember and I know she will support me through thick and thin. She was the first person that I spoke to after winning and we didn't talk about gold medals, we spoke about everything else but, and I couldn't be more happy that she is the way she is with me," she said.


trott1© Photo: Getty Images

Laura has won two gold medals in the Olympics

In her interview, Emma spoke about her Laura's incredible success, saying: "Laura's not worked any harder than anybody else has, everyone works hard to get to the level in which them 24 riders were at, but it was the hours of sacrifice, not just that we made from not going to school discos or going out with friends or the sacrifices that mum and dad made for us…And I think back to them moments and I think how on earth was she the one that made it to be Olympic champion, you know?"

Following the negative response to the interview, Laura tweeted: "Reading some nasty messages re my sister this morning…Bitter, Jealous? If only you people knew! She is one of my biggest supporters.

"To me I am just her sister! I am not a 'hero' a 'celebrity.' She's been there for me through thick and thin!! She was my idol growing up. Yes she was working while I raced! I'm sure a lot of people who care about me were? I love my sister to the moon, so all u nasty people I love you @EmmaTrott1989 that's all that matters right."

laura1© Photo: Getty Images

The star has broken world records in cycling

During her interview, one of many since making history at the Olympics, Laura continued to joke about her new superstar status along with her fiancé, Jason Kenny, saying the whole experience is "surreal."

"Because it is the pair of us, it's kind of shot us into this weird, almost celebrity, lifestyle and yeah I guess I don't think it's going to sink in until I get home.

"I've already been asked do I want security to go through the airport which kind of freaks me out a little bit."