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Is Craig David teaming up with Cheryl for a new song?

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Craig David found himself propelled back into the spotlight lastyear when he joined Cheryl's X Factor act Reggie 'N' Bollie on stage during theshow's final. Ever since then, fans have been speculating about whether he would teamup with Cheryl for a collaboration… "It keeps coming round about working withher," Craig said, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Thursday.

"We met for the first time on the X Factor and that wasabout it. But as a songwriter I'm always writing songs, so if there's ever asong (she likes)."

craig david© Photo: Getty Images

Craig David responded to collaboration rumours during an appearance on Good Morning Britain

Asked by hosts Ranvir Singh and Charlotte Hawkins if he hadsent Cheryl some of his music, Craig replied: "We've always got something inthere but ultimately it's where Cheryl is going with her career and what she'sdoing. Right now, I'm just working on my own project."

Craig first found fame back in 2000 with his hit debut albumBorn To Do It. He returned to the music scene last year after a six-year hiatus. "It was a rollercoaster ride of a career as an artist. From being 17 in acouncil estate in Southampton, to Wembley Arena and there amazing shows andperformances… then I felt like I was forcing music out," he explained.

cheryl© Photo: Getty Images

Craig and Cheryl first met on The X Factor last year

"I moved out to Miami about six years ago, thinking thatpossibly that was living the dream, but it wasn't that. I realised it was aboutbeing home and being close to my family and my friends and making music and impactingpeople's lives."

Craig's return to the charts earlier this year was labelled acomeback by many, but he insisted he was simply working "off the radar". "You're just off thescene for a while," he said. "I was still writing as I knew I had three minutesin me somewhere."

Craig is set to release his sixth album, Following MyIntuition, in September. Back in February, his single When The Bassline Dropspeaked at number 10 in the UK charts – his highest position since 2007.