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Will Smith hilariously pranks Graham Norton - watch the video

Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Will Smith couldn't help but laugh after tricking Graham Norton while chatting on The Graham Norton Show.

The I Am Legend star was opening up about playing practical jokes on his co-stars on the set of Collateral Beauty, admitting that he would enjoy playing pranks on Naomie Harris in particular as she took her work very seriously on set. He said: "What's funny is that Naomie is so serious and so focused on set that she never sees the practical joke coming. I mean I had a thing where I had a little bit of an injury I had 'dog jaw', you ever heard of it?" A bemused Graham replied "I don't think so have" and took a closer look at the star's jaw, who turned the joke on the show host by barking in his face, making him jump. While the audience – and Will – burst out laughing, Graham joked: "I'm with you Naomie! Really annoying! Really really annoying."

Will Smith Pranks Graham! - The Graham Norton Show

Will was also joined on the sofa by Martin Freeman, who opened up about being recognised (and took the opportunity to tease his Sherlock co-star, Benedict Cumberbatch). After Graham mentioned that the Doctor Strange actor had spoken about being recognised in Nepal, Martin joked: "That's only because he carries a picture around with him. He's always doing that." He then spoke about his own experiences being recognised and how he can always tell the difference between Sherlock and The Hobbit fans. "It's delightful," he said. "There's a sort of age demographic slightly different I think usually, with all respect to all those watching, if it's a female between the age of 16 and 25 I know that's going to be Sherlock. That's the way that works!" 

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Martin discussed being recognised