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Fiona Phillips opens up about battle with depression: 'It arrives at will. And does its worst'

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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TV presenter Fiona Phillips has opened up about her struggle with depression.

In an article written for the Mirror, the 56-year-old spoke about the disorder, and how she wants more to be done to help those suffering from it. Speaking about experiencing depression herself, she wrote: "Some days I wake up with a horribly familiar feeling in my head. A fizz and a fuzz and a thumping weight. A tearful, heavy, lead-limbed unworthiness. Most times when that happens it's hard to face the day. Can't get up. Can't deal with the prospect of a dark day in bed. Get up. Go back. Get up. Have a shower in the hope it'll wash away. It's hard to describe. There's no tangible reason for it. It arrives at will. And does its worst."

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Fiona opened up about her struggle with depression

The mother-of-two also spoke about attending the launch for the Heads Together campaign. The charity was created by Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge with an aim to shed light on the topic of mental illness. She revealed that she had spoken to Prince William on the subject, writing: "He told me how worried he was about the pressures of social media on young minds. How being struck by devastating mental health breakdown can happen to any of us. Clearly the death of his mum at such a young age means he has vast depths of empathy for others affected. He is blessed with an ordinary quality, a smiley, easy-going feel for the human condition." Prince Harry has also previously opened up about the charity, and how important it is to speak openly about mental health. In a promotional video for his 2017 London Marathon team, he said: "William, Katherine and I would like to invite you to run with Heads Together… Together, we can start the biggest ever national movement to end stigma on mental health and change the conversation for everyone."