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Gail Porter reveals she slept rough after money troubles left her homeless: 'I had nowhere to go'

gail porter
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Gail Porter has revealed that she spent a few nights sleeping on a park bench due to her money troubles.

The former model told The Sun: "My money problems have just snowballed and I've had nowhere to turn. No one knew. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I was homeless. I had nowhere to go, so I spent a couple of nights outdoors. I was on a bench on Hampstead Heath with a rug and rucksack. It was cold and terrifying. I covered my face so no one could see me. Those were the scariest nights of my life. There were lots of terrifying noises. I had no idea what they were. I was freezing and I didn't know who was coming for me. I barely slept a wink... But just as bad was the shame I felt for being there."

gail porter© Photo: Getty Images

Gail spoke about sleeping on a park bench

The 45-year-old was recently declared bankrupt at London's High Court after being unable to pay her debts. A source told the Daily Mail: "It's been a really rough few years for Gail and this is another devastating blow. She did everything she could to stop this from happening, but in the end the debt became too large and she simply could not cope." Gail spoke about her difficulty in finding work after sending time in a psychiatric ward in 2007. "While I was sectioned, things were going pear-shaped financially for me at home," she explained during her interview with The Sun. "I wasn't there to pay rent. I had no money. It was a vicious circle. After being sectioned, people in TV looked at me differently. I was kind of shunned for a while. The bills got bigger and bigger."

gail porter 1© Photo: Getty Images

Gail was declared bankrupt