Gail Porter breaks down in tears as she discusses bankruptcy

Gail Porter made a highly-emotional appearance on Loose Women on Monday, during which she spoke candidly about her recent bankruptcy. With tears running down her face, Gail said the experience had been all the more difficult because had wanted to protect her 14-year-old daughter Honey. The star also spoke about the pressure of facing financial difficulties in the public eye, revealing that she had chosen to speak out because the news was “going to be in the papers no matter what”.

Gail confirmed that her money problems began when she was sectioned back in 2007, telling the panel: “You can’t pay your bills because the doctors are looking after you. The bills kept coming in and I’d had a breakdown, and I’d lost my mum, and so I put them under a pillow… Kids, if you are watching, do not do that.”

Gail Porter broke down in tears on the set of the daytime TV show

Wiping tears from her face with her hands, the TV star apologised for her emotional state. "I’m not crying for being sad, it’s just very emotional," she apologised. Explaining how she came to find herself in dire financial states, Gail continued: “My problem was I ran away from everything, but when you run away from things, it gets worse.”


The 45-year-old was also asked about the revelation she had been forced to sleep on a park bench, revealing iti was indeed true. “It was ages and ages ago," she admitted. "Honey didn’t know. She does know now that she’s 14, she understands that I had a hard time, but you keep it to yourself.”

Gail concluded: “I have an amazing relationship with my daughter, and my ex-husband.”