Holly Willoughby wants to host a dinner party with Duchess Kate

Holly Willoughby has revealed she is a huge fan of the Duchess of Cambridge, confessing that the royal is on the top of her dream dinner date list. Speaking at The Athenaeum Hotel on Wednesday evening, the 36-year-old - who has just been announced as the new ambassador for Diet Coke - confessed: "In real life it would obviously be all of my girlfriends. But if I was able to invent a couple I would quite like Kate Middleton to come, because I have lots of questions for her."

Explaining her reason, she added: "I'm slightly obsessed with her, I'm like a weird stalker. She is literally living the princess dream. She was just a normal girl who fell in love with the Prince. That's the dream, so I have got lots of questions about that." However, Kate isn't the only royal on Holly's list as the TV presenter admitted she would also love to host Prince Harry. "I think he would bring the party - so lots of questions for him," she said. "And I would have Marilyn Monroe because she is the ultimate woman. Finally, maybe someone like Henry VIII - I'm sure him and Harry would get on great."

Holly Willoughby has said she wants to host a dinner party with Duchess Kate

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Holly was on hand to celebrate Diet Coke's new Get The Gang Back Together campaign at the intimate launch. Unveiled as the brand ambassador for 2017, Holly also shared her secrets on friendships since becoming a mother. "They haven't really changed massively," she remarked. "Except that I've got new friends now - ones I've met at the school gate which is quite nice. It's quite new because I've never experienced that before, it's been really lovely because you have a lot in common with someone in a completely different way."

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The chat show host is a proud mother to three beautiful children - seven-year-old Harry, five-year-old Belle and Chester, two - with whom she shares with husband Daniel Baldwin. Holly went on to add: "I don't think it has changed much. I think you might see each other a little bit less but I think the quality of seeing each other is exactly the same and the feelings are still there. I think sometimes when your friends are also mums, I feel like you cement that friendship, knowing that you're all going through this together - it helps having that bit of solidarity."