Jeremy Kyle left devastated following death of his beloved mother

Jeremy Kyle is mourning the death of his mother Nanette, who has died at the age of 85. The chat show host is said to currently be in Barbados comforting his father in light of their loss. Nanette had reportedly suffered a long battle with dementia prior to her passing. A source told the Sun: "Nan had been unwell for a long time and was in her eighties, but it doesn't make it any easier for the family to come to terms with."


Jeremy Kyle is mourning the death of his beloved mother Nanette

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Following the news, an interview Jeremy gave to the Independent in 2010, in which he spoke about his parents, has come to light. In it, the 51-year-old said: "My parents were everything to me. They sacrificed so much for my education and together they showed me each and every day what it takes to be a proper, respectful and decent human being." The TV star also highlighted Nanette's dedication to her family. "I was actually born in the front bedroom while my dad sat on the wall outside, feeling sick. Twenty minutes after my mother gave birth, she went downstairs and made my old man a cup of tea," he revealed.

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Jeremy was recently pictured in Barbados with new girlfriend Vicky Burton, prompting speculation the couple were there to tie the knot. But wedding plans are far from Jeremy's mind following the death of his mother. "Marriage is the last thing on the agenda at the minute," the source said. "Jeremy has had an awful couple of months coping with the passing of his mum, who he was extremely close to. That's why he took his father away on holiday – he needed the chance to relax after a traumatic period and he felt his dad needed a break too."