Cities around the world show solidarity with London after shocking attack

Cities around the world have come together to show their solidarity for London after the tragic attack in Westminster on Wednesday. A lone attacker drove his Hyundai into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before stabbing and killing PC Keith Palmer outside Parliament. The attacker was shot dead by officers. Four people were killed and 40 injured in the horrific attack, with victims from the UK, Romania, South Korea, Germany, Poland, China, the US and Greece.

On Twitter, country leaders showed their support for Londoners and condemned the attack. French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve wrote: “Solidarity with our British friends, terribly stricken, full support to the injured French students and their comrades.” Three French teenagers are in hospital being treated for their injuries after being hit by the attacker’s car. As a sign of support, France turned off the lights of the Eiffel Tower on Wednesday night. The official Eiffel Tower account tweeted: “I will turn my lights off tonight, at midnight, to pay tribute to the victims of the London attack.

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Madrid also showed solidarity for the victims, writing on their Towl Hall Twitter page: “Minute silence of condemnation and revulsion at the recent attack [that] occurred in the city of London.” And in Brussels, which itself was mourning the anniversary of three suicide bombings exactly a year earlier, the City of Brussels tweeted these words of support: “All our solidarity with the Londoners #WeStandUnited”. Thirty-two civilians were killed in the Brussels bombings and over 300 people injured.

In Tel Aviv, the City Hall in Rabin Square was illuminated in support for Britain. On one side it was coloured red, white and blue and the other side showed the Israeli flag. Closer to home, the Union Jack flag flew half-mast at Glasgow City Chambers and Birmingham’s library was lit up with the British flag. On Thursday evening at 6pm in London’s Trafalgar Square, a vigil is planned for people to pay their respects to those killed and injured in the terrible attack.