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Denise Welch fights back tears discussing depression with husband Lincoln Townley

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Denise Welch has opened up about living with clinical depression for the past 21 years. In a new film released on Thursday, Denise was seen talking to her husband Lincoln Townley about mental health and her "frightening" episodes. She blinked back tears as she thanked her husband for being her "greatest supporter" and for always being there for her in her darkest hours.

The former Loose Women panellist said: "When I met you, I'd been living with clinical depression for 21 years. As I was falling for you, I wondered how you would deal with my episodes of depression, which can sometimes be quite frightening. I remember looking into your eyes when I was poorly, and seeing empathy and understanding. Even in the midst of how I felt, I knew that you were going to be there for me, and that had been something I had been worrying about. You make it better just by being there, and just by understanding, and I feel very lucky that I've got you and that you've got my back."

Denise Welch spoke to husband Lincoln Townley about her depression

Denise, who married Lincoln in 2013, added: "I love 'us' because you are my greatest supporter, and when I'm really unwell you just know what to do and it means that I'm comforted in my tough times. My depression can rob me of my communication, but I know that I can always talk to you. I want to take this opportunity to say how much I love you and how much I appreciate that I have you in my life."

Lincoln admitted that he had "no idea" how crippling depression could be. "I didn't have an understanding of what mental health was before," he said. The pair filmed the short clip as part of Heads Together, the campaign spearheaded by Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry in a bid to change the way we talk about mental health. Denise spoke in her capacity as ambassador for Mind, one of the eight mental health charities involved in the campaign.

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