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Is Harry Styles' new song Two Ghosts about Taylor Swift?

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It looks like Harry Styles has turned the writing tables on his former girlfriend Taylor Swift and has used their failed relationship as inspiration for a song on his eponymous album. Fans are convinced that the British singer's song Two Ghosts is about his former love, after they got a sneak peek at the lyrics in a promo clip for Harry's upcoming documentary Behind the Album.

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In the short 30-second video, Harry is seen penning words for the unreleased song in his handy little notebook. His "Stylers" were quick to point out that the lyrics sounded like they were describing the 1989 singer.

"Same lips, red / Same eyes, blue / Same white shirt, couple more tattoos / But it's not you and it's not me / Tastes so sweet, looks so real / Sounds like something that I used to feel / But I can’t touch what I see / We're not who we used to be / We're not who we used to be / We're just two ghosts singing in the…" wrote Harry.

Fans took to social media to note that the red lipstick mention could be a nod to the blond beauty's signature make-up look. They also noticed similarities in Harry's lyrics and those in Taylor's chart-topping hit Style, most notably the reference to "white T-shirts." (Style was fiercely rumoured to be about the One Direction heartthrob.)


Many fans are speculating that Harry Styles' new song is about his former girlfriend Taylor Swift

Taylor has always stayed tight-lipped about naming names in her music, but has admitted that she writes her songs based on experiences she's had in her life. When asked about the Shake It Off singer’s telling songs, Harry told Rolling Stone that he isn't sure if any tracks are about him. "I mean, I don't know if [it's] about me or not," he said to the publication.

In other Taylor news, her frenemy Katy Perry has denied speculation that her new album will feature a comeback to Taylor's 2015 single Bad Blood, which reportedly documents the former friends' feud. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Chained to the Rhythm singer explained, "I think [my new album is] a very empowered record. There is no one thing that's calling out any one person."

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