Jeff Brazier reveals heartbreaking way he told sons their mum Jade Goody had died

Bobby and Freddie were just five and four when Jade passed away

Jeff Brazier has opened up about the moment he had to tell his sons that their mother, Jade Goody, had passed away. The 38-year-old also revealed how he and Jade told their young boys that she had cervical cancer in an attempt to help them cope with their inevitable loss. "She didn't want to tell them, but she knew she had to do it because she wanted them to know the truth," Jeff told You magazine, sharing that he and Jade wrote a script to explain that she would soon become a star in the sky. "The thought of it always reduces me to tears. Our poor boys. Poor Jade."


Jeff Brazier with his sons Bobby and Freddy

Bobby, 13, and Freddy, 12, were just five and four when their lost their mum in 2009. Of the moment he told his sons their mum had passed away, Jeff said: "I wasn't sure how to do it. I waited until bedtime and called them outside [into the garden]. In the end, I didn't need to say anything because the stars were out and they said, 'Is that one mummy?' They knew."

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Ever since Jade's death, Jeff has been raising their sons as a single parent. He has since found love again with partner Kate Dwyer, who lives in the family home. Jeff has also written a book to help bereaved children deal with their grief, titled The Grief Survival Guide: How to Navigate Loss and All That Comes With It. "If Jade hadn't died, who know what I'd be doing now," he said of his decision to write the book. "But I know a lot about the tough side of life and in the past few years I've finally learnt what I'm good at and what I'm here for."