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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards on new girls Dorit and Eden, staying on for Season 8 and getting bikini-weather ready

The 48-year-old opened up about the current storylines ahead of the Series 7 premiere

kyle richards
Alex Light
Alex LightBody Work Columnist
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Having held a diamond for seven years, Kyle Richards is a staple on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The retail entrepreneur is one of the show's biggest stars and never fails to entertain us on the Bravo franchise. So we were delighted to sit down and chat all things RHOBH with Kyle ahead of the Series 7 premiere on Lifetime next week. The 48-year-old opened up about the current storylines, what she thinks of new girls Dorit Kemsley and Eden Sassoon, and whether she'll be returning for Series 8...

kyle richards 1a

Kyle Richards has appeared on RHOBH since 2010

I really enjoyed this season...

After being on the show for so many years - this is my seventh season! - I've had so many hard times, and I did have a couple of problems, but I actually had a really good time this season, and a lot of fun doing it.

However, there was some drama...

When my sister Kim and Lisa get together, they just don't seem to get along and I always find myself in that horrible position because it is my friend and my sister. I'm not really sure why Lisa says and does the things she does sometimes because I know she is a good person but it just puts me in a very, very, bad position.

kyle richards 2a

The star is Kathy Hilton's half-sister and aunt to Paris and Nicky Hilton

I always feel bad for the new girls...

It can't be easy to come in to this arena which is very complicated! Having conflicts with millions of people tuning in is hard too, so I always feel bad for them, and always hope that we get along. However, Eden seemed to have pre-conceived ideas of my relationship with my sister and about my sister in general - so I felt there was a lot of judgement, she came on a bit too much for me... I really enjoyed having Dorit on the show – I think they are both crazy additions but Dorit is really fun and makes me laugh. It's nice to have someone on the show who is a lot of fun!

Lisa [Vanderpump] and I are getting along better than ever...

We have always been great friends and have had a lot of fun. It is very difficult to be on a show like this - it's not scripted or lightly scripted or set up, so it's very, very hard when all these problems start happening and I'm not really sure why. People make bad choices and do things that I don't think they would normally do to a friend under normal circumstances, so it's hard to navigate through a friendship on a reality TV show, but after being on the show for so many years, we have gone full circle and we just laugh and have fun now – our attitude is pretty much leave it in the past and not let it come between us. And if something happens then we will talk about it and not take it out on each other on camera or behind each other's backs!

kyle richards 4a

Kyle says her relationship with Lisa (left) is 'better than ever'

I'm not yet sure if I'll be staying on for the next season...

Every year, I take it a season at a time. There have been many seasons where I think 'I quit, I’m not doing it again!', so I've learnt not to even say! We have all quit at some point, we have all said: "that's it never again," then we go back! I mean no decisions have been made. I know the decisions will be made soon. We will decide if the cast remains the same or if it doesn't – and I will take all that into account.

My summer beauty regime involves getting into shape...

This is when I start panicking that it is almost bathing suit weather and I just hate it! Every day I have been out, I am always very physically active, I do cross training, spinning, hot yoga and hiking almost every day, now I really have to get serious with my diet and just basically minimise the calories and keep my metabolism going. It's not easy because by nature, I am not that skinny, and by nature my body tends to want to be a bit curvier so I have already that going against me! I eat as healthily and organically as possible... I lost both of my parents to cancer and so I try to keep everything extremely healthy. Of course, I have bad cheat days but I try to keep it high in protein and low in carbs. Every single day I have this high protein bread with an egg and basil and avocado and tomato and I try to eat 300 calories every two to three hours, which sounds kind of crazy - but I'm not even getting that skinny so it must not that crazy! The thing is because I try to keep that amount of calories every few hours, it speeds up my metabolism so it doesn't let me get hungry so I don't make bad choices. I have a list of things that fall into those calories and try to eat them every day.

kyle richards 3a

Kyle's sister Kim Richards has also appeared on RHOBH since 2010

My number one fashion item is handbags...

I could live without it but I would prefer to have them because I love them so much. Before speaking to you, I was searching for some handbags that I am looking at online - I want to have a beautiful summer colour. I found too many that I liked – that was the problem! I always like turquoise in the summer so I am thinking of a turquoise bag for the summer. We are going on a family trip to Europe this summer.. I love to take my kids away - we like to get a boat so that they can't leave us! We like to trap them so they have to be with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner... The only way they can get off the boat is if they have a life saver!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesday 6th June at 9pm.