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Tom Cruise talks doing his own stunts for The Mummy: 'It was wild'

The Top Gun star is well known for doing many of his own stunts

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Tom Cruise joined The Graham Norton Show this week to discuss his new film, The Mummy, and opened up about filming in a real zero gravity environment for a stunt. In the episode, which will air on Friday night, the Mission Impossible actor said: "I had to convince the studio to let me do it, and Annabelle and I had to do the scene 64 times! It took us two days and the crew was flying around and vomiting in between takes. You couldn't train for this. Normally stunts take months of prepping but we just did it. It was wild and I can’t believe the studio actually let me do it!"

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Tom spoke about doing his own stunts

His co-star Annabelle Wallis added: "Can you imagine being cast with Tom Cruise? If you get any job you are excited but doing a stunt with him that he has never done before is just incredible. And, not vomiting on him!" The star opened up about his love of monster films when he was asked why he wanted to make The Mummy, which he called "a classic yarn", he said: "I loved all the old black and white original horror films which I wasn't allowed to watch as a kid. But, I was about six years old and saw all of them and was so terrified I had to sleep on the floor of my sister's bedroom."

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Tom also spoke about Mission Impossible 6, telling Graham: "I have been in training for a couple of years and we've done a lot of testing to see what is possible. It is really crazy. We've shot some of the stuff in Paris already and it is going to be really wild and thrilling for the audience." Tom also recently confirmed that he was making a sequel to Top Gun. Chatting on the Australian breakfast show Sunrise, he said: "I'm going to start filming it probably in the next year. It’s definitely happening."

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