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Coronation Street actress Claire King defends controversial euthanasia comments

The Coronation Street star has said she would consider euthanasia if she became a "burden"

claire king
Ainhoa Barcelona
Content Managing Editor
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Claire King has stood by her controversial comments that she would consider euthanasia in the future. The Coronation Street actress, 54, opened up about her views on Loose Women, saying that both she and her father, who suffers from MS, believe in the right to die. Claire was faced with backlash after she revealed she was pro-euthanasia in a recent interview with a journalist.

Explaining those comments, she said: "I was talking about something completely different and the journalist put in a quick question, it was a bit left field, and the answer was, 'Um, yeah I'm pro-euthanasia I guess.' And that was it, it was nothing to do with what I was speaking about, and it was just inappropriate and it caused a bit of a furore."

claire king on loose women talking euthanasia© Photo: Rex

Claire King said she is pro-euthanasia

The soap star said she had discussed death with both of her parents and her dad, who has had MS for 50 years, agrees that he wouldn't want to live life like a "vegetable". Claire said: "I don't like using the term, but if he's going to end up like a vegetable… He copes with his lack of physical ability, but mentally, he couldn't do it. He said that would be enough." The actress, whose mother has also suffered various ailments including a bad back and knee replacements, added: "We've discussed things, we're pretty open as a family and we discuss death, funerals because we've had this illness throughout my whole life."

While the Loose Women panellists understood Claire's point of view, Janet Street-Porter remarked: "I feel that the impact of taking your own life on the people around you is considerable." "And so is the burden," replied Claire. "When you're in a state like that, on your family and on the NHS." The actress concluded by saying she would support having a living will, whereby she would ask not to be resuscitated if it ever came to it. "I don't want to be remembered for being in that state," said Claire.