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Ariel Winter talks difficult relationship with mother: 'I went through a really bad period'

Ariel Winter has spoken about her difficult relationship with her mother, Crystal Workman

Ariel Winter
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Ariel Winter has opened up about her difficult childhood, and spoke about how she wore inappropriate outfits aged just 12, that she wasn't allowed female friends growing up and that she was put on a restricted diet. The 19-year-old emancipated herself from her mother, Crystal Workman, aged just 15, and was placed in the custody of her sister, Shanelle Grey.

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Ariel opened up about her difficult childhood

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Ariel said: "I went through a really bad chapter." Adding that when she was young, she would be dressed in "the smallest miniskirts, sailor suits, low-cut things, the shortest dresses you've ever seen. People thought I was 24 when I was 12. If there was going to be a nude scene when I was that age, my mother would have a thousand percent said yes."

Sharon Sacks, Ariel's on-set teacher on Modern Family, revealed that she would often order two lunches to give one to the actress, as her diet was so restricted. "I would order a couple lunches in my name so Ariel could eat one of them," she said. "I could tell she was hungry. Boiled chicken and cucumbers isn't going to do it for a growing kid." She added: "Her mother kept her out late at night at these ridiculous parties. She was 12 and 13 years old and had to be on set at 6:30, 7."

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Ariel emancipated herself from her mum aged 15

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Speaking about the interview on her Instagram account, Ariel wrote: "I'd also just like to add, I'm so lucky for all the love and support I have around me. One person who wasn't mentioned much for that love and support is my father. He is one of the closest people in my life-- I'm very lucky to have you dad! I love you. Thank you for being there for me always and being so amazing."

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