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Susanna Reid tells off Piers Morgan for 'vulgar' Prince Harry and Meghan Markle comments

Viewers at home also took to Twitter to condone the straight-talking presenter

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Susanna Reid was left stunned by her co-host Piers Morgan after he made 'vulgar' comments about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Good Morning Britain. The presenters were talking about Harry and Meghan's first public appearance at the Invictus Games, where they were noticeably seated some 50 metres away from each other at the opening ceremony.

Commenting on the "ridiculous" seating plan, Piers said: "All he's done is cause a massive distraction. I wish I could advise the royals. Harry, this is what you should have done, mate. Two days ago, when you got to Toronto, you should have taken Meghan out for dinner and posed for pictures. You should have given them what they want. It looks ridiculous to not have your girlfriend sitting next to you because some bloke at the Palace said you shouldn't."

piers morgan and susanna reid on good morning britain© Photo: Rex

"Couldn't you have put that in a nicer way?" said Susanna

Piers reveals his unlikely friendship with Meghan

"It's just common sense really, isn't it?" said Piers, adding that a couple who have sexual relations should be allowed to sit together. Clearly taken aback, Susanna said: "How did it get to 12 minutes past seven, and you're saying that? Couldn't you have put that in a nicer way? Couldn't you have said they're just sharing a room together?" Charlotte Hawkins chipped in, saying: "Couldn't you have said that they're intimate?"

prince harry and meghan markle at invictus games opening ceremony© Photo: Getty Images

Harry and Meghan were seated some 50 metres away from each other

"I am just very aware that there are children watching!" Susanna concluded. "All I can say, Piers, is that you will never get a job advising the royal family!" Piers retorted: "Do you realise how ridiculous you sound? My point is that if you're boyfriend and girlfriend, you should sit together. They did this to avoid attention – but all it's done is create ten times the amount of attention!"

Viewers at home were quick to weigh in on the discussion, with some branding Piers' comments as "vulgar". One wrote on Twitter: "Piers your mouth can be really vulgar. Think before you speak. At this time of the morning. Children!" Another diplomatically tweeted: "A bit wrong saying that Piers! Seriously should have sat together though." Meanwhile, another posted: "Piers makes my morning. But can you explain the word sex as I am being asked this now by my daughter."

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