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Former Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill divides opinion over children in restaurants

The TV presenter complained about an 'older couple' on Twitter after eating with her children in Pizza Express

katy hill blue peter twitter debate
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Former Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill sparked a debate on Twitter on Tuesday after she complained about a "negative and mean hearted" couple who disapproved of noisy children being in Pizza Express, the restaurant where she had been dining with her young family. She wrote in a series of tweets: "Dear "Older Couple" in Pizza Express – You dislike children in restaurants? I dislike miserable older people who chose FAMILY restaurants!" In a second post, she clarified that it wasn’t her children, adding: "Haha! Nope – it wasn’t my kids. Just general. Some people are just negative & mean hearted. End of. And it makes me sad."

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Former Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill took to Twitter to share her views on children in restaurants 

Katy's opinion caused fans to debate whether or not they agreed with her or the older couple. One wrote: "Children are not robots. Going to a restaurant is a rare treat for some. Kids should not have to sit miserable and quiet." Another added: "Sad thing is they were young once and should remember how they were." A third quipped: "As a parent as long as children are seated and not running amok. I don’t have an issue. I have seen shocking parenting in public before." Another fan suggested, however: "If parents taught their children to behave in restaurants and other public places older people wouldn’t moan."

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katy hill blue peter twitter debate

Katy is mum to daughter Kaya and son Akira 

Katy is mum to daughter Kaya Sky, born in 2006, and son Akira, born in 2007, who she shared with husband Andrew Frampton. The mum-of-two became a household name in the nineties on children's television – most memorably during her time as a Blue Peter presenter. Katy joined the popular show in 1995, and stayed for five years before leaving in 2000.

During that time, she was recognised for her presenting skills, and won a Children's BAFTA Award for Best Presenter. She later fronted other shows including Top of the Pops, Live & Kicking, and The Games.