David Walliams reveals mum's reaction after he received OBE

David Walliams' mum was speechless when she found out about his OBE

David Walliams has revealed his mum's very touching reaction to the news he was being honoured with an OBE. The comedian, who was given the award for services to charity and the arts earlier this year, said: "I'm very close to my mum… It's a wonderful thing, at the end of the day - and we were talking about the OBE - the person whose approval you want most is your parents. My dad died about ten years ago. Everything I do in some way I'm hoping that my mum will like it… I always think my mum is prouder than me of my achievements. When I got the letter about my OBE I didn't tell her, I just showed her the letter and she went 'Oh' and it went on for about two minutes because she couldn't actually speak."

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David opened up about his mum 

He also joked that his fellow Britain's Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell, was annoyed that he had received the award. He joked: "I actually invited Simon Cowell [to celebrate] and he said 'Do you think I want to go and celebrate with you while you get an honour?' I went, 'Well you might.' He was like, 'You think I would be pleased for you?' Because he is very competitive and he thinks that he should get a knighthood. He wants to go straight to the knighthood. I mean maybe one day."

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David, who is also a well-known children's author, revealed that people have suggested that he and Simon are like brothers, adding: "It's hard not to have a bit of a crush on him, he is a star so you get quite excited when he is around. I have a little bit of a crush on him but we do have fun together. Someone said last series, because we'd sit together and have our dinner together, 'You're like brothers together.' It was quite sweet because there is a nice side to him."