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Selena Quintanilla's sister reacts to Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato's Halloween costumes

The stars got nothing but love from the late singer's sister

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While Kim Kardashian's recent Selena Quintanilla Halloween costume is still certainly generating lots of mixed opinions from fans, the reality star got nothing but love from the late singer's sister Suzette Quintanilla. The sibling of the much-celebrated "Queen of Tejano music" was filled with compliments for the 37-year-old when talking about this past year's Halloween costumes that paid tribute to Selena on Power 106 Los Angeles radio. "She looked beautiful," the 50-year-old honestly said to the host. "She looked real Latina. I loved it." Of course, she also weighed in on another big star who opted to publicly pay tribute to the artist for Halloween: Demi Lovato.

demi lovato selena

Demi Lovato rocked her own Selena look for Halloween 2017 Photo: Snapchat/@DemiLovato

Suzette was also flattered by the 25-year-old Sorry Not Sorry singer's version of Selena, admitting she can't pick between which star she thought looked better. "I have to tie because they both looked beautiful!" she said. "They're beautiful." Both Kim and Demi wore sparkling and tight maroon jumpsuits, recreating one of Selena's iconic looks.

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Suzette also revealed that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians personality is a long-time lover of her late sister's music. "A lot of people don't know this, but I'm good friends with Adrienne Bailon," Suzette said, recalling Adrienne's former relationship with Kim's brother Rob Kardashian. "She had Rob on the phone and Kourtney [Kardashian] and all them were in the background and they were all singing my sister's music."

"They're big fans of our music from way back," she continued. "And so to have her dress like that, it wasn't really a big surprise for me. It was definitely a great honor." Suzette also stuck up for Kim's younger sister Kylie Jenner, who stirred up controversy amongst fans for merely wearing a Selena T-shirt back in 2016. "And then I think Kylie last year was wearing a Selena shirt, and that didn't come as a surprise, either," she said, "because they are fans of Selena and our music, so it was cool."

Suzette Quintanilla Talks Selena Receiving Star on Walk Of Fame

It's clear that for Suzette and the rest of her family, the main focus is simply keeping Selena's booming legacy alive. "Anybody that reps it, it's cool," she said candidly. "It’s just more power. More power to Selena." The icon's legacy has been thriving this year in particular, as Selena has received honors like a Hollywood Walk of Fame star and a MAC cosmetics line inspired by her signature looks, this fall alone.