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Simon Thomas posts emotional video on grief following wife Gemma's death

The former Blue Peter presenter was raw with emotion as he spoke about "embracing the silence"

Simon Thomas posts emotional video on grief following wife Gemma's death

Simon Thomas' beloved wife Gemma tragically passed away following a short battle with cancer in November, and the grief-stricken Sky Sports presenter took to social media on Tuesday to talk to fans about just how quiet his family home is without her presence. The dad-of-one posted a video on his Instagram account, which he had recorded while sitting on the bed he had shared with his late wife. Simon explained that he was "trying to embrace the silence", and that he hadn’t been able to sleep in the room since her death, as it was "too painful".

The former Blue Peter presenter went on to liken his marital bedroom to W.H. Auden's famous poem Stop the Clocks. "Everything is pretty much as it was the last time she slept in here eleven weeks ago," he said. "And at the moment I'm not ready to clear anything up." Simon then said that his eight-year-old son Ethan wanted to go into his mum's room to "pick up a couple of her outfits", but that neither of them were ready to do that yet. He continued: "As you can probably tell, the house is quite quiet. It's one of it's great things, as it's quite near Reading, but it's very quiet. But when Gemma was here, that was okay."

simon thomas wife gemma

Simon Thomas lost his beloved wife Gemma in November

The TV presenter's loyal fans – who have been following his story since hearing the news of Gemma's untimely death – were quick to offer their support. One wrote: "Your honesty is admirable and there is no right or wrong just what is right for you and your son x," while another said: "Respecting your honesty and hoping the day comes when you can sleep in your room will happen. Wishing you the best Simon." A third added: "Simon you’re an unbelievable man and an even more amazing Dad. Happiness will come your way in time."

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The former Blue Peter presenter spoke about his grief in a short video

Gemma, 40, passed away just three days after being diagnosed with leukaemia. Simon took to Twitter to announce the sad news, asking his followers to keep their son in their prayers. He said: "Today I am crushed with indescribable pain. Just three days after falling ill with Acute Myloid Leukaemia, my dear wife Gemma passed away yesterday evening surrounded by her family and friends." He added: "If you are a prayer - pray for my boy Ethan. 8yrs, precious and in bits. Thank you."

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