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Sherlock's Amanda Abbington shares heartbreaking details of Martin Freeman split

The couple were together for 16 years

Amanda Abbington Martin Freeman

Amanda Abbington has opened up about her heartbreaking split from long-term partner Martin Freeman. The Sherlock co-stars, who met in 2000 and are parents to two children, announced their split in December 2016. In her most candid interview to date, Amanda discussed the "darkness" she felt as she continued to put on a brave face at home in front of their kids. "I had thought Martin was the love of my life. This wasn't meant to happen to us," the 44-year-old told Red Magazine. "I would wake every morning with a sudden lurch. 'Why do I feel sick?' I'd ask myself, in the darkness of the bedroom I no longer shared with my partner.

sherlock© Photo: BBC

Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington starred in Sherlock together

"And then, a split-second later, I'd remember what had happened. 'Oh,' I thought, as the tears started to fall. 'That's why'." She added: "It was one of the darkest moments of my life but, although I didn't know it then, it was also to mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. It's still hard. I still have massive wobbles but that's understandable, I think." When asked about their current situation as co-parents, Amanda revealed: "We still love each other - even if we're not in love with each other - and neither of us sees our relationship as a failure. We had 16 great years together and have two fantastic kids. We still talk and we still give each other advice."

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The comments come shortly after Martin, 46, discussed their shock separation. Speaking about the experience of working side-by-side with Amanda in the new series of Sherlock, he told Radio Times: "I mean, we're very friendly and it's all lovely and cool. Yes, we've not been together for a while. I mean we did the series not together." He continued: "I mean, we are honest to God [separating] in about as civilised a manner as I've ever heard of, you know. I love Amanda's work, but, yes, we're… you know, that's what happened. It's just one of those things. It happens, doesn't it? But we're cool." The pair have starred in Sherlock together since series three in 2014, when Amanda's character Mary was first introduced.

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