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Ricky Gervais opens up about about why he doesn't have kids: 'I'd worry sick about a baby'

Ricky Gervais opened up about not having kids on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

ricky gervais ellen degeneres
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Ricky Gervais has opened up about not having any children on The Ellen DeGeneres Showrevealing that he thinks he would "worry" too much if he had a baby. After joking about different reasons not to have kids, he said: "I'd worry sick about a baby. I have a cat and I worry about that. I check the door three times before I go out. I put food and water in every room in case the door closes and he's peckish for 20 minutes."


ricky gervais ellen show
Ricky opened up about why he chose not to have children

The Extras actor also listed some other reasons why he and his partner, Jane Fallon, haven't had children. He said: "There's loads of reasons why I don't have kids. The world is overpopulated, no one's sitting around going, 'Oh Rick's not going to have kids, we're going to run out, there's loads!'" He also joked that children are "scroungers", adding: "From day one it's me me me."

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Ellen DeGeneres agreed, adding that she thought anyone who rescues animals is a "hero". Ricky is a known animal rights activist, and spoke about his love for them on the chat show. Speaking about his new stand-up, Humanity, he said: "It was time to let the world know what an awful species we are. We're the worst… I love all animals. Human beings? I could take them or leave them!" He added: "I tell [the audience], I say, 'I don't know why I called it Humanity, I'm not a big fan, I prefer dogs.'"

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ricky gervais ellen degeneres
Ricky opened up about his tour

Ricky's partner Jane has also previously opened up about the decision not to have any children in an interview with Marie Claire. "I remember steeling myself, trying to imagine what I would do if [Ricky] had a change of heart," she said. "I was so convinced of my decision that I couldn't even imagine the alternative. It turned out he had been having the same anxiety about me. Cue much relief and celebration."

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