Britain's Brightest Family star Anne Hegerty gives rare interview about her love life

The star gave a rare interview about her private life

Britain's Brightest Family star Anne Hegerty has given a rare interview about her private life during a previous appearance on Loose Women back in January. The Chase star, who also appeared on I'm a Celebrity, said that while she is not against finding love, she feels "claustrophobic" with the commitment involved in a relationship. She said: "Never say never, I find I get claustrophobic in a relationship. I'm like, 'Wait he wants to phone me every day – seriously, every day?' I've been known to have the phone unplugged, then I plug it in again and he calls me back." She continued: "This was a guy and I promise I liked him, I did, but I'm much more of an arms length kind of person."

Anne Hegerty has opened up her attitude towards relationships

Anne then went on to explain that those who know her understand that she likes to be asked whether it is a good time to call before they phone, and that when it comes to any suiters, she would prefer it if they emailed her. She joked: "You don't have to send me a letter through the post or anything!" The star also said that she was surprised at how easy she found it to interact with her camp mates during her time in I'm A Celebrity, and though she thought it would be hard, she found it to be "less of a challenge" than she expected.

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She said: "It was less of a challenge than I expected, I don't know if it was because I expected to be surrounded by people and I knew that was the deal and you were not going to have anything else, no iPads, no iPhones, no other ways to contact people, so you were just focusing on these people. Of course, that I was also very lucky that they were just ten fantastic people who I just adore." She then joked: "I have to apologise to my family and friends, because there wasn’t anyone that I particularly missed – sorry!"

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Anne added that going into the jungle helped viewers to see her as herself, rather than as her alter-ego, The Governess. She said: "For a long time I wasn’t allowed to be anything but The Governess when I went on TV, even if I went on a talk show I had to be in costume. I mean guys, I own clothes!"

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