Claudia Winkleman reveals daughter's secret skill - and it might surprise you!

She's such a proud mum! 

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Claudia Winkleman has opened up about her daughter, Matilda, in a new interview, and has revealed the youngster's secret skill! The Strictly Come Dancing presenter revealed that her 12-year-old youngster is actually a dab hand at playing cards. Stylist reported that she said: "The main thing I've talked about with my daughter is that failing is awesome. You don't always have to come top or do brilliantly. She's hilarious, you’d love her – she's very good at cards (I think she went to Vegas while we were sleeping)."


Claudia is a mum-of-three

During the interview, the mother-of-three also chatted about her two sons Jack and Arthur, who she has raised to be feminist. Chatting at the Feminists Don’t Wear Pink tour in East London, she explaining: "I asked my son before I left tonight, 'Would you describe yourself as a feminist?' and he said, 'Hell yes!'. I think you learn by example, so they have the Dane (their dad), I’ve told him to be lovely and respectable... And, with a grandma like theirs, there's not a chance that they won't be staunch feminists."

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She continued: "And I just don't think it [gender] occurs to them. At school they see that the fastest in the class is Grace and the best at maths is Libby. I’m just making up names, but I’m sure Libby really is excellent at maths. I think for them it’s just equal." Claudia previously opened up about her family to HELLO!, saying: "The kids wake up really early at 7am, we're all up making breakfast, do the drop off then come back and I'm back into bed," the presenter disclosed. "I feel bad and guilty for saying that."

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