Gorka Marquez praises Gemma Atkinson for 'always supporting him' in heartfelt tribute

The Strictly couple are due to become parents very soon

Strictly Come Dancing professional Gorka Marquez has penned a heartfelt message to his pregnant girlfriend Gemma Atkinson, in which he praises her for her continued support as he travels the country for various dance tours. Taking to Instagram on Monday, the pro dancer praised Gemma for letting him know he is "special and loved" despite her feeling "tired" during her first pregnancy. "So today I want to thank @glouiseatkinson for always supporting me, making me feel special and loved," he said in the caption, adding: "I'm tired from all the travelling and shows especially this last weekend, I only slept five hours last night and today, I had full day of rehearsals. My back in killing me and I want to sleep, I'm hungry and I miss Gem..."

The couple, who confirmed their romance in February 2018, are due to welcome their first child together in less than two months' time. Admitting he can be "moody" at times, Gorka added: "I've been moaning to her all day long, like she doesn’t have enough already being pregnant and growing our baby inside of her, not sleeping properly for the past months being tired, sick, and with her kidney infections, and all the extra things that no one knows about but us." [sic]

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"Plus she takes care of two dogs:)) and all by herself because I am not there to help," he continued. "And even she is still listening to me and making me feel better, when I feel it should be the opposite. Thank you for always making me smile and feel better. Can't wait to see you on your mummy duties. You're going to be an AWESOME MUM I love you!!! @glouiseatkinson."

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Upon seeing the heartfelt post, Gemma wrote: "Can't always be there with each other, but will always be there for each other. Ps. I'll remind you of this post when I’m in labour breaking every bone in your hand." The lovely messages come shortly after Gemma went to hospital for a kidney infection. She was admitted to hospital after "vomiting all night" and was left in pain with "fever, aches and cold sweats". Since then, she has been updating fans with her progress, and confirmed her baby is due within the next couple of months.

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