Jennifer Garner has a moving message for her fans

The 13 Going on 30 star is passionate about the environment

Jennifer Garner has used her celebrity status and social media platform to help raise awareness of a very important cause – saving the bees. And in true Jennifer style, the actress has done it in the most creative way. Taking to her popular Instagram account, Ben Affleck's ex-wife shared a video of herself wearing a beekeeper's outfit surrounded by a swarm of bees. In the footage she says: "Hello, I am feeling calm," before turning to the bees to tell them: "You're my friend!" After tending to the bees with a little help from a beekeeper, Jennifer ended the video by telling everyone to: "Treat your neighbourhood bees with love and respect. Keep our planet pollinated."

Jennifer Garner shared a video of herself surrounded by bees to help promote saving them

In the caption of the video, Jennifer wrote: "Without BEES we have no blueberries, no almonds, no coffee, no chocolate, no wine (well, TBH—grapes are wind pollinated—but bees are essential for the health of vineyards!). One out of three things we eat has been pollinated by bees, so let’s keep our bees healthy and happy! Avoid using pesticides, plant bee friendly flowers, bees need water—put out a little dish of water or a birdbath next to your flowers and watch your friendly neighbourhood bees stop for a sip." The Hollywood star's message was met with many positive comments from her fans. One wrote: "Thank you Jennifer! Sadly people are unaware of this bees are amazing," while another added: "Helping with your power so the people learn more about bees. Excellent!!!!"

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Jennifer Garner with her three children

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Jennifer is passionate about looking after the environment and animals, and when she can she cooks with homegrown ingredients from her garden in LA, including kale and peppers. Her lifestyle choices have been inspired by her own mother Patricia, who grew up on a farm. The star told People: "My mum made all of our food. When we were hungry she would say, 'Go out to the garden, child, I bet those tomatoes are ready and grab yourself some sugar snap peas.'"

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