Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell celebrate huge relationship milestone

This is a big step!

Joe Sugg and his Strictly girlfriend Dianne Buswell have taken a big step in their relationship – they've officially moved in together! Joe popped the question to his dancer girlfriend in a sweet video he posted on YouTube. Showing his fans the moving in gift he bought Dianne – which consisted of a Lego model of himself and his lady love with the words 'This year's love every year' written underneath – Joe explained: "I wanted to get Diane this little gift to kind of say, 'Dianne do you want to move in with me?' so it would be like a moving in gift. Dianne sort of basically lives here anyway but I never officially said 'do you want to move in with me properly?'"

He added: "Technically she doesn't live with me and she's been away on tour all year - obviously now she's got Strictly coming up - she's a very, very busy girl so she's not actually around a lot. We never actually said we are living together so I thought I would make it official by getting her a gift."

The couple have taken a big step in their relationship

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Luckily for Joe, he claimed he wasn’t nervous about her answer because he was certain she would say yes to his offer. He added: "I'm not even nervous because I very much doubt she's going to say no. If she does say no it's a bit weird because she has been staying here for a long time. It's just putting an official label on it. We always get asked are we living together and technically we're not, she does stay round my house all the time but we're not technically living together."


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Congratulations you two!

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The video then shows the moment that Joe presents Dianne with the thoughtful gift and a handwritten note which reads: "So I have officially invited you to live in my humble abode with me. Do you want to move in with me? Yes or no, circle your choice. All my love Joseph." Dianne then jokily answers: "Can I phone a friend?" Of course, her answer is a resounding "Yes", and she adds: "Aww that's so cute! I'm going to keep this for the rest of my life. You're so adorable! Oh my God I love it!" Congratulations Joe and Dianne!

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