The reason why Gemma Atkinson has been warned about the next few years with baby Mia

Buckle up, Gemma

Little Mia is almost seven weeks old, but it sounds like Gemma Atkinson and partner Gorka Marquez have a bumpy road ahead, because according to a meme one of Gemma's friends sent her, looking after a newborn baby is a walk in the park compared to looking after a toddler! Gemma shared the message on Instagram, and it says: "People tell you the newborn stage is the hardest…DO NOT [expletive] LISTEN. The newborn stage is THE BEST. They sleep, they cuddle, their little cry is adorable. Toddlers are [expletive] savages. Toddlers do not [expletive] care."

Gemma hilariously captioned the photograph: "Friend of mine with three kids sent me this. Good luck to us @gorka_marquez." Gemma's fans were quick to let her know that the toddler stage is tough work, leaving messages such as: "This is true. [I have] two girls. Wish me luck for the teenage years," and: "How very true!" Better not get to comfortable, Gemma!


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Gemma and Mia are already the best of friends 

The 34-year-old only gave birth to little Mia in July, but she's already got the whole mum thing down to a T, and even uses her large platform to spread positivity to her followers, most recently by showing off her post-baby body "loudly and proudly" on her Instagram.

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Mia showing off her beautiful post-baby body

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Gemma revealed that her doctor has recently given her the go-ahead to start exercising again, and she kept her followers up to date with a body-positive message, writing: "After a C-section, there’s no physical activity or lifting for at least six weeks. Exercise has been a big part of my life for the last 10 years, so mentally at first I found it tough not being able to move like I wanted. Today I’ve been given the go-ahead to start gentle exercise. I can do 30 min walks with the pram, glute bridges and my pelvic floor exercises. In the meantime, I’m happy taking training slowly and it’s actually quite nice to rock some curves, Gorka loves them." Gemma also shared a picture of her beautiful body six weeks and four days after her C-section, and we can't love her enough for it.

She's an inspiration!

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