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Emma Willis reveals parenting fears in rare interview about her children

The Circle presenter shares three children with husband Matt Willis

emma willis children interview
Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Emma Willis is a doting mum to three children and is very protective of their privacy. However, The Circle presenter opened up about her parenting fears in a rare interview about motherhood while speaking on Dave Berry's Dadpod podcast. The star admitted that she's already worrying about her oldest daughter Isobel, ten, as in just seven years time she will be the same age as Emma was when she left home. She said: "I left home at 17 and went and lived on my own in a model flat in London and when I think now that in seven years, my eldest, might ask me to do the same and I'm like: 'No, you're going to be locked in your room until you're 25. You're not going…'"

emma willis children interview children

Emma Willis has spoken about her children in a rare interview

The TV presenter went on to reflect on her own parents letting her leave home: "I don't know how they let me do it because at the time I'm like: 'Well I'm big and I'm clever and I'm 17 and I'm fine. Of course I can go to London.' But now I'm a parent it fills me with dread when I have to let my kids go." Emma also opened up about her husband Matt Willis' fun relationship with their children. The couple are also parents to son Ace, seven, and three-year-old Trixie, and she said that while she takes on the role of the strict parent, Matt is like her fourth child.

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emma willis matt children

Emma says that husband Matt Willis is the fun parent

"He's like the fourth child. And that for me, is perfect, because I think he has such a fantastic bond and relationship with them because he can get down to their level, do you know what I mean? And when they want fun they go to him. It makes me feel sensationally boring because I'm like oh I'm that one, that tells them off and makes sure the washing's done and I am the quintessential mum and I think security. That's what I've always had from my dad and Matt is just always there and always fun and I'm quite jealous of that."

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Emma's interview follows shortly after Matt opened up about how important family life is to him, and how the couple changed their schedules so that they could spend more time with each other. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Matt said: "There were moments in our life where we were like, we never see each other. We said: 'We can't do this anymore.' Busted were on tour for about five months and she was working all the time so I would see her for like an hour or something like every three weeks. She'd have work [when] I'd be home so it was becoming progressively more difficult, so now we block out time." Matt added: "We always have a month in the summer when we're together, and something has to be really important to break that up. Even though we seem really busy, we both have big periods of time at home with the kids, we kind of prioritise that, we have a lot of weekends together now."

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